The weight loss surgery wasn’t ordered

Every time I went to the dentist’s office over the last years, he has told myself and others he was going to send myself and others to the best local nutritionist to get a customized nutrition program. I finally agreed to go to the local nutritionist, however it was not love the dentist had told myself and others it would be. I quickly spoke to a dentist who weighed myself and others in and took my vitals. She took myself and others directly to a room where I waited for another fifteen minutes. When the nutritionist came right into the office, he chatted with myself and others for a few minutes and then he pointedly offered myself and others sheets of paper to write everything I eat over the next weeks. I assumed I was going to come back to see her. I didn’t see her, although I saw another employed person several weeks later. She took my paperwork and threw it in the trash. I couldn’t suppose how I spent all that time on a food log, just to have it dumped in the trash. After that, she just started asking myself and others what I wanted from the nutrition program? I wanted them to provide myself and others a customized nutrition program. She agreed I would get a brand new customized nutrition program, despite the fact that he wanted to understand just what I expected from the program. When he told myself and others I would have no choice however to keep the weight off, but to get surgery. She told myself and others that once I had the weight loss surgery, if I didn’t carefully follow my diet, I would end up getting sick. This is not the nutrition program I was expecting..


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