Working out with jump rope app

Two years ago, I upgraded from a leather jump rope with weighted handles to a more modern jump rope system.

I spent quite a bit of money to purchase the Crossrope system.

The system provides a single set of handles that attach to ropes of different weights. I have four ropes to choose from, including a quarter-pound, half-pound, one-pound and two-pound size. I also invested in a specialized mat to prevent damage to the ropes and shoes designed specifically to lessen impact on my feet and ankles. These ropes don’t knot, tangle or kink and rotate very smoothly. Since buying the better system, I’ve improved my jump rope abilities. I can now manage criss-crosses, double jumps, single foot jumps and more. One of my favorite perks of the jump rope system is the free app that came with it. The app provides a variety of guided workouts that range from beginner to advanced level. Some of the workouts involve strictly jump rope skills while others include lunges, push-ups, abdominal crunches, burpees, mountain climbers and more. I like following instructions and adhering to timed intervals of exercise and rest. Some of these sessions are extremely strenuous. At the end, the app tells me how many calories I’ve burned. The app also tracks my progress and I am awarded special badges for consecutive workouts. I recently earned a badge for fifteen weeks in a row. The app keeps me motivated and doesn’t allow me to be lazy. Because of the app, I’ve burned a tremendous amount of calories, increased endurance and built strength.

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